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Sunday, June 6, 2010

Minimalist Garden Bali Style

Balinese-style gardens are characterized by minimalist tropical, natural, filled with ornaments and a variety of Artworks, and natural vegetation as well. In Addition Balinese-style garden, including garden wet and Also influenced by culture of the island of Bali Itself.
Roofed a light spot of pavement elements Poor 'the gazebo, garden lamps and a roof made of palm wood, mossy Statues That give the impression of the nature, and natural stone elements (Standard and Poor' Palimanan stone, sandstone, Kerobokan, Karangasem and others) adorn the existing pavement around the park. Oh yes, the water element in the park, Standard and Poor 'water features, pond plants and water waterspout Also usually complement the balance of this Balinese-style garden design.
Plumeria obtusaUntuk vegetation, the park is decorated with broad-leaved plants (Pandan Bali, Bali Banana, Flower Shoes, you can also plant a banana fan as accent), aquatic plants (lotus, lotus, and others), and the last that is required is a tree Cambodia.

In general, Balinese-style garden is create an impression of a mystical and exotic. But if we are careful to cultivate this park will give the impression of a warm and natural. Also this park is also very flexible to be combined with classical-style gardens to modern accordance with our desire to create a beautiful tiny garden and impressive.