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Monday, June 21, 2010

Home Renovation Tips to a New Home | Home Decor

Tips on renovating old houses into new houses, to renovate their house could be considered are as follows:

Select Places Who Want renovated
Notice the main part of which is to be renovated, whether that section would be linked with other parts of your house that allows damage / renovation can not be done only at the main site, kalau so then you will need a deeper study can be assisted by your architect.
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Just want to renovate the roof? found in the roof there is a leaking water pipe flow, the roof is connected with other parts of your house, then it could be said renovation of the roof of the road plus replacing a leaky pipe, etc. fireplace design.

In such cases it is to be prepared if there is enough budget renovation that spread to other places.

Consult with both the architect who handles these renovations, make sure the architect to work according to the procedure, according to your agreement and plan an appropriate time.
Home renovation to make it look new

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