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Monday, May 31, 2010

Free Home Bar Designs From Bill B, Cincinnati, OH

Home Bar Designs

Thus is the free home bar designs from Bill B, Cincinnati, OH: "I use the straight bar plan, but soon after I decided to make a bar Also back using kitchen cabinets. Once again the bar the bar needed to move forward A Few feet so I decided to make small corner bar to include one end. In any case the bar is very valuable for planning and building plan my bar, I find the framing, materials lists, and photos is very helpful when i planned .. I build my project a bar in A Few weekends and plan very helpful Pls I 'd go pinch of trying to Decide the size or location for something That my friends love the bar. This is a great gathering place for Some person or party central.

I used maple shelf from the closet to the bar again. The bar itself is made from plywood and solid maple and maple veneers with a bar rail and the copper, and copper including the sink, wine refrigerator and an enclosed barn red wine (which may be converted to a refrigerator barrel at some point). The doors to the storage components were ordered from a company that does the replacement kitchen cabinet doors. In all I spent a fraction of what would have cost to build and could not be happier. "
Free Home Bar Designs

Sunday, May 30, 2010

Home Bar Design Ideas From Travis, Taylor Mill, Ky

Home Bar Design Ideas From Travis

Following exposure to Home Bar Design Ideas: "I've got some great photos cellar and wet bar finished my project to give you for your new Home Builders Gallery Bar one of all .. All the project is completed what has been centered around the basement of my Wet Bar . After I got your plan and online measured exactly where I'll go to the bar I then went on to finish the basement "Basement is built around the Bar" project time. that from February-April 2007 .. Alone bar is 1 month to begin to resolve. Chairs Bar 8 people, I took some ideas from some other photos and comments from your customers on your web site and the examples below.

Angled bar is the top remaining hardwood floors from around the bar and bathroom. Matter arm rest came from the Baird Brothers saw mill made of Popular wood. The outside bar is made of Galvanized Barn / Roofing Sheet Metal. Carter Lumber has this to share in more than 15 colors for $ 12 a sheet. Very easy to use and cost effective. I have a Full Wet Bar Sink and 5 ft behind the bar cabinet for extra storage from Home Depot. This Kitchen Cabinet, but it worked for me. I entered into the Window and Window Seat for Bartender of the Liqueur Bottle and Glasses. Formica bar top is back from Home Depot in Clearance. I also put Beverage Ledge all roads around the basement and behind the bar to display something.

I Can lighting above the bar and back and all Rope Lighting outside the bar. The best thing is Black Rubber Flooring Wall Base molding to cover the rear and side of the bar area and fridge. Very easy to cut and form around the edges. I want to thank you very much for your ideas and Plans Online. With plans of Bar-Wet Bar Blast me is to build. I can not wait for my next project with your plan. "
Home Bar Design Ideas

Saturday, May 29, 2010

Bar Designs Home Plans From The Experiences of People

Bar Designs Home

The following is the plan of Home Bars Designs from those experiences: "While I am not a suitable bar is identical to your plan, they were instrumental in completing the project my basement bar! I ended up with 40 feet of desk space, and bar stools 18 Very pleasant. For the party with 30 people, or a great place to sit alone and watch the big screen.
Home Bar Design Plan

Friday, May 28, 2010

Home Bar Designs From Steve K, Halifax, MA

Home Bar DesignsFree home bar designs

Thus was the idea home bar designs from Steve K, Halifax, MA: My boyfriend and I use the bars you plan as a guide. We have our own dimension to deal with a tool rather than a Bible. We use a 2x3 for the frame with drywall screws recommended.

We plan dimensions of the framework to be able to match the kegerator, sink, small refrigerator and a lot of desk space. We side bar with 3 / 4 "birch and used molds from Home Depot that we are mitered and assembled with a small tack nails and glue. The counter top is built with 3 / 4" MDFB and formica on it. above was constructed by primarily the same way as bar plans unless we used oak hardwood floors to the top of the plywood.

We chose hardwood floors because we plan to put our own hard wood floor in our living room, so this is a good chance to get some experience (and will not be the end of the world if we mess it up). I should have through the spill, so we built that just like your plan and it really adds a touch of class to the bar and gives a realistic view bar.

We do not use a router for rounding every corner. We both used dowels and sanded them to intervene (as in a birch veneer on the side) or we use prints like the bar through the spill. We want to use the molds Chicago Rail to arm rests instead of brass tubing, but also too expensive, so we mixed the two pieces of molding to make the outside crept across the top.

We bought a lot of brackets used brass foot rail and zinc coated steel pipeline to the foot rail. channel only cost us about $ 13.00 overall, compared with about $ 200 or $ 300 for the brass and I think it looks neat.

We salute the top with seven layers of polyurethane and three layers on the side. We use this new Minwax polyurethane from Home Depot that dries quickly and does not require sanding for the next layer is applied within 12 hours. It works very well for us because we do not have to sand after each coat. Bar your plan is an integral part of the settlement bar. This bar is the first thing we ever built.
Home bar designs

Home Bar Design Ideas | Home Bar Design Plan

Here's a home bar design ideas of the interview of a person: I use a hardwood floor to the top with five bars of poly coat. I was lucky enough to have room for all the comforts including dishwasher, microwave convection, kegerator, TV, sink, wine refrigerator, dorm refrigerator and disposal and a small wine rack. Everything went very smoothly and your plan makes it so much easier to plan and build. Continue the good work and keep your customers own the building I was saved. approximately $ 15,000 to do it yourself.

Modern Minimalist House Designs in Brazil

Minimalist Home Designs

Example of minimalist design of the house with a beautiful concept. for example you can build a house. Osler house is modern and minimalist house design is located in Brazil and was designed by Marcio Kogan. Osler house plans structured with a volume of the ground floor, the volume of suspension and deck with a swimming pool. Concrete and wood box on the ground, houses the main suite, bedroom, bathroom, utility area and garage.

Vertical wood brises filter light and can be opened in its entirety, diluting the relationship between internal and external. Volume up, volume rests on the ground floor, on the one hand, and on pilotis on the other: accommodate the living room, kitchen (made with low-height furniture) and a small office. Top box creates shady areas and on the ground floor of the prism, the extension of the living room, a solarium
Minimalist House Design

A staircase connects the outside by the pool deck to the deck above. An indoor staircase to form a daily circulation of the house. Near the main circulation, in the porch of a house, a panel designed specifically Bulcão Athos and that, perhaps, the last project. Tiles are located in the most famous classical buildings in Brasília building space here too; a work of art designed for the home, designed by the architecture, that the artist could not see the finish.

Thursday, May 27, 2010

Minimalist House Design In Tokyo

Minimalist House Design

Creator or minimalist house design architect in Tokyo is a duplex house with the court. Through the beautiful lines, the house showed that the simplicity and sophistication can live in perfect harmony. KS + was designed by Architect / Nobuya Kashima + Aya Sato.

minimalist home designsMinimalist Home Designs

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Minimalist Architecture | Architect Technical Talent

Minimalist Architecture

As an architect, you have taken from the technical talent for your organization. Your architecture is intended to guide and limit, forcing the best of your ideas and lessons learned on designers and developers. But try to hold power too much and you will find resistance. Using too little, and you do not contribute. The solution is to take a minimalist approach to architecture-what your priorities are highest architectural requirements, and then do the best you possibly can to achieve it! That means you must maintain a minimum set of architecture decisions, while ensuring that your main priorities are met the system. These columns extend this view.

Architectural Decisions
Limiting Architectural Control
Insisting on Architectural Control
Empower Within Scope
Via: Minimalist Architecture

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Minimalist Houses Beautify With Accessories and Furniture

Minimalist house beautiful design with little idea of accessories and furniture is in great demand by society that completely practical right now. especially in urban areas who are interested in building houses many minimalist because of limited land. How do I choose the right furniture and accessories for your minimalist home? Maintain practical and functional elements of a key base in trig Minimalist Houses.
Minimalist Home Designs | Home Decor | Home Design Ideas

Proper material selection can thicken Minimalist design concepts who want represented. Eg glass furniture combined with aluminum or wrought iron furniture including species that are widely used. In addition to simple shapes, her treatment was also relatively easy to do.

Curtains were able to support the impression and Minimalist Design want to display indoors. With blinds roman type, eg a mild nature also can give the impression of dynamic in a room that is minimalist (Minimalist Architecture).

Building Design Minimalism Also with strict precision characterizes the Minimalist architecture and minimalist furniture. Therefore, select a table or chair That has a simple design, little or no ornament. With minimal ornament, We Can Simplify maintenance and more impressed Spacious rooms making it suitable Pls applied to a small minimalist home.

Minimalist Houses Buildings can also be combined with materials or furniture of color - the color of wood as a dark brown or reddish brown.

The selection of colors and patterns must be carefully, where the pattern of flowers or colors that are too crowded less suitable when combined in a Minimalist House Building. Preserve the color tone each time to add or change accessories and furniture in one room.

Good all accessories and furniture carefully, but make sure that the room does not impress too full because it was able to confirm the impression Building Houses Minimalist want to be created. For example structuring frame a photo using the larger frames but in small amounts to provide accents in the room.

Monday, May 24, 2010

Sunday, May 23, 2010

Bedroom Decor Ideas For Hotels Minimalist

Example of a minimalist home decoration for the hotel. One bedroom is located at WT hotel here, especially in rooms with clean lines and is required as well as design, smooth surface is warm and natural proposal for guests to relax more and more capacity. White is neutral and the company View the main interior spaces can create a beautiful comfort.

With a wall of bright cloth, material design reflects the forest. Cells, with the inauguration of the light, as written in the inner surface Corian emphasis on decoration. Once the door closed, the curved back and white on a neutral surface. Personally, I designed this bed only easy, but very beautiful and looks like the future.
Home design interior-Bedroom Decor Ideas For Hotels Minimalist

Friday, May 21, 2010

Contemporary Landscape Design House Residence Rusnak

Contemporary landscape design house residence rusnak

Home designs with exquisite landscaping. With various kinds of plants best suitable option as exterior home design. Stunning design if you are interested. possible design is a design house on your dream home. This contemporary home designed by Douglas Fredrikson Architects. Rusnak Residence in Scottsdale, Arizona.
Landscape design

Thursday, May 20, 2010

Punch Home Design and Landscape Suite with NexGen Technology

Punch home design and landscape Suite with NexGen Technology

List Price: $ 99.99
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You Save: $ 25.01 (25%)
In Stock.
Ships from and sold by CdromUSA.
Only 5 left in stock - order soon.
4 new from $ 58.98. Via: Minimalist home designs

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Modern Wooden Furniture Design

Modern wooden furniture design. Suitable design for your home a stylish minimalist modern. Design black sofa from Ashley Furniture, wooden tables, wooden tv spot design suitable for home interiors

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Unique Minimalist Design House in Japan

Minimalist home designs

Unique Minimalist Design House in Japan. Home design upside down. If you know the home interior design? Whether the reverse is true or not? Let me know if the house interior is minimalist in the upside.

Monday, May 17, 2010

Modern and Minimalist House Design For a Family Park

Modern and minimalist house design garden

Modern minimalist house design and design level of a garden in front of a minimalist home is also suitable for those of you who are want to build a home for your family. Fresh atmosphere and interior design is beautiful. Very comfortable for habitation.

Home interior design-Modern minimalist house design

Sunday, May 16, 2010

Minimalist House Design For a Vacation of Modernist Architecture

Minimalist house design for a vacation of modernist architecture. Via: Holiday home design by Dutch architect

Saturday, May 15, 2010

Example of Minimalist Design House On Land

Home design ideas | Minimalist Home Designs

If you're thinking of renovating your home, or will build a small house on your land. You're looking for inspiring the development plan of the house. please read the examples of minimalist design of the house below.

This Plan takes from And therefore the size of the map using the size of feet (foot). Just help, I convey information length, and its range in the size of the meter. While the size of the space is still using the original size feet. If you want to change it to a meter in size, you simply multiply it by a factor of 0.3084. For example, 30 feets, = 30 × 0.30.84 = 9.14 m.

Example of Minimalist Design House On Land

Friday, May 14, 2010

Professional Basement Home Theater Designs

Basement home theater designs

The main challenge of this basement theater room size is limited: a 20 'x 12 basement room' with a concrete wall. Clients who want maximum screen size available for displaying HD content. The control system must be user-friendly and home theater needed to have three rows of seats with bass shakers and multiple choices of lighting themes. Wall-mounted speakers is used to optimize sound quality. Minimalist Home Designs

Thursday, May 13, 2010

Basement Ideas Home Theater Designs

Basement home theater designsBasement home theater designs

A basement can be designed in various ways and adapted to our need to create a home theater. Painting the walls should be done with the help of non-reflective color and neutral. Carpets should be used to absorb sound or sounds deadly one. Some of the basement has windows and can be covered with blackout curtains. Walls can be decorated with framed movie posters assistance. It can be purchased from specialty shops.

Compilation Tools and Accessories
tools required for installation of home theater system is a screen, surround speakers, other equipment and cables necessary. Specially designed cabinets that are available to fit the necessary equipment for home theater. Curtains can be placed in front of the TV screen. The concept of home theater sofa is the choice of the best seats for the purpose of seeing. It's hard to build a stadium seating assembly or arrangement for the basement. So, the couch was the most feasible option. For the construction of stairs, the dimensions of space must be suitable and the ceiling must be at least 8-9 feet high. The ceilings and walls should be covered with plasterboard.

Dimensional Space
To decide on the dimensions of home theater space, one must take into account the science of acoustics. Dimensions such as length, area and width must be such that their values are not equal to or multiples of one another. This is necessary to reduce the influence of resonance, because the cause dips and peaks in the sound frequency. Maintain well-ventilated basement is important along with the design and lighting parts. Popcorn machines can add to heat the basement. All of the fan or ceiling fan can be used to remove excess heat from the basement.

Enhancements and Decorating
A children's area can be built for a pastime. This can be decorated with the help of toys, story books, etc. Soft pillows should be used to the couch in this area. A coffee table in front of the seat can increase the comfort of viewers. It helps to enjoy snacks and tea / coffee and see your favorite movies. If possible, snack zone must be made by placing a mini fridge and sink in the corner. A Nacho makers, popcorn machine and many other accessories which can be brought into the design of the home theater.

Basement is located at the bottom of the home. Therefore, basement waterproofing is important to prevent water leakage. Minimalist Home Designs

Monday, May 10, 2010

Modern Minimalist House Design Pekapeka Beach

Modern minimalist design house located in Pekapeka Beach, New Zealand. This house was designed by Parsonson Architects. This house has 156 square meters of Local Sites. This house was built in 2008.

Exterior Modern Minimalist House Design Pekapeka Beach

Modern Minimalist House Design Pekapeka Beach views from outside

Kitchen design

Home Interior Design

Sunday, May 9, 2010

Design a Computer Desk and Bookshelves

Design a computer desk and bookshelves in the house minimalist

Friday, May 7, 2010

Happy Haus Minimalist House Design in Australia

Happy thirsty by Donovan hill in Australia

The Happy Haus is a minimalist house development designed by architects Donovan Hill in Australia. Happy Haus Brisbane based architectural practice Donovan Hill is among the nineteen chosen design for the Service Bushfire House last week. The Bushfire House Service is a joint initiative of the Australian Institute of Architects (Victoria) and the Office of the Victorian Government Architect looking to support the process of rebuilding after the destruction of forest fires in Australia in February this year. Donovan Hill DHAN range for the Happy Haus 'house ready made solution' which is fully adaptable, transported and climatically sensitive in design. Designs can range into either 'stand alone' or combinations such as parks and outdoor spaces with all modules fully in accordance with national standards of new buildings for fire-prone zones.

Queensland based, Donovan Hill joined another practice that works as part of the architecture of free services to help rebuild homes lost in 2000 in a fire. This service offers a Bushfire house people who lost their homes to access architectural expertise will add value and improve the quality and ease of rebuilt homes in areas devastated by fire in February. Donovan Hill, co-founder, Brian Donovan says, "We are very pleased to be involved in post-fire rebuilding. We feel that the Happy Haus DHAN presents a low cost, flexible and sustainable design solutions that can feasibly work as a model for the mass reconstruction."

The Happy Haus is designed so that each module can be easily transported to new places, or transferred from an existing address as a life-changing requirements. Flexible design means that modules can be accommodated by the Happy Haus most sites. DHAN series is characterized by the completion and details of domestic architecture is developed in practice Donovan Hill. Off-white interior with wood window and door frames allow personalized interiors by owners. The wooden pelmet lighting combine the common room and the provision for art and hanging curtains. Plywood exterior according to environmental conditions in Australia and is offered with a choice of colors to suit individual settings. Distinctive roof forms and cover ventilation colored exterior form features.

Home Interior Designs-Happy Haus Minimalist House Design in Australia