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Monday, July 25, 2011

Minimalist Home Design Paracaima

Located in Mexico City, Mexico, this is called Paracaima minimalist house design home. designer by dcpp Arquitectos:

That gave us a project that consists of two main volumes that intersect: The first volume consists of an arch, a large structural concrete 25 cm and 7.5 mts. high, which brings another volume. This book contains a major open area with an outdoor terrace, with a roof of a passing of 7.5 on one side. The other side holds the library. Timber used to pour the concrete used again in some of the wood in the house, like doors.

We use these restrictions to give shape to the house is always looking for the maximum amount of open area and a good orientation.

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Design Beach House in Punta Misterio by Longhi Architects

Design Beach House in Punta Misterio by Longhi Architects. This house has the architecture and design an attractive house, the which Followed the classical style of the house but modern Peru. This house is a very attractive location and the formation of this building. Like in the middle of the vast Pacific Ocean this house floating in the sea. The building is conceived as a place where the desert meets the Pacific Ocean Dry Peru, this beach house located at 117 km Punta Misterio. south of Lima, is an intervention in the which the integration of architecture and landscapes Important concern. Sand roof garden acts as an extension of the desert, lap and recreational swimming to connect the sea with houses, while the glass box hanging from the structure symbolizes the architecture, the between sand and water.

Design cool beach house in Peru

Friday, July 8, 2011

Minimalist Design House Broken in Poland

Broken minimalist house design is the leitmotif of the building, combining a variety of functions: starting with the swimming pool to the living room with a fireplace and then to the bedroom upstairs. A noteworthy feature of the ramp is elimination of Stoops.

Such a solution was achieved by bending the surface of the course, the which made ​​it possible to keep its outer edges straight, without bends Such typical for structures. more house design in Poland

The Broken House was designed by KWK promissory Architects is located in Poland, on the outskirts of Katowice, near a forest, on land deteriorated by mining the 4th category of damage, where Tectonic faults are a possibility.

Hence the connotation of uplifted layers of soil, interwoven with one another, the which was the inspiration for the form of the house. Its structural design of rectangular solids comprises contrasting with the ribbon, like the which winds around Them structure after it emerges from the ground.

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Minimalist House Design can be said when?

In general, the minimalist house design will have several aspects as follows:
  1. Aspects of saving space, where the function room are Considered insignificant, Will be removed from the layout. This is closely related to the problem of limited land, ESPECIALLY in urban areas. An example is the removal of the guest rooms (now rarely WHO guests stayed at our house) or family room (replaced with dining rooms That also with pantry)
  2. Saving aspects of building mass, ie the size of the building is made According to the needs of the masses without Needing excessive. It is also associated with problems Such as the limited land above points. Example is the reduction of dimension and minimalist living room at home Because it is rarely used, in response to the trend of the day now where people can easily Communicate via phone without having to meet in person.
  3. Aspects of the arrangement Ornaments, Will growing niche to a simple, lightweight, straightforward, assertive without too many additional details That add time and cost of Workmanship. The use of a curved Ornaments as can be seen in the classic design of houses is avoided. Form of railing and Fencing also use the form straight lines, either vertically or horizontally.
  4. Aspects of the fa├žade Election, Will growing niche to show the original shape of buildings with exposure to the structure and materials used as the attractiveness of the building. Kept Building forms are simple and the lines forming Generally the building is a combination of vertical and horizontal lines. Use of natural stone and cement material exposure was also chosen as an Attempt to create an impressive facade straightforward and simple.
  5. Aspects of energy saving, the which is realized by maximizing natural lighting by making the window width as well as with the use of partition walls made of glass or glass block.
  6. Aspects of color selection, Will Generally be dominated by the use of basic building materials Such as the color gray, black, white. To avoid the impression of emptiness and monotony then intentionally added to some of the colors of 'brave' like an orange, red or yellow flashy.
Review of some aspects of the above then shows That the actual house minimalist design requires special creativity of the designer to shape the character of the building That does not seem monotonous, even as far as possible avoid the impression of cold and empty. Election composition geometric shapes, structures and Appropriate materials must be Able to Produce the ideal minimalist house design, unique and likes People who see

Friday, July 1, 2011

Palm Beach House Design Sydney, Australia

This home is located in the Palm Beach suburb of Sydney, Australia, was designed by the architects at Crone Partners Studios. The 5 bedroom, 4.5 bathroom home is perched on a site offering spectacular 180 degree views of Sydney’s northern beaches coastline.
Like a minimalist home design

The morning of the room immediately see the coastal scenery, beautiful create a calm atmosphere.