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Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Design Beach House in Punta Misterio by Longhi Architects

Design Beach House in Punta Misterio by Longhi Architects. This house has the architecture and design an attractive house, the which Followed the classical style of the house but modern Peru. This house is a very attractive location and the formation of this building. Like in the middle of the vast Pacific Ocean this house floating in the sea. The building is conceived as a place where the desert meets the Pacific Ocean Dry Peru, this beach house located at 117 km Punta Misterio. south of Lima, is an intervention in the which the integration of architecture and landscapes Important concern. Sand roof garden acts as an extension of the desert, lap and recreational swimming to connect the sea with houses, while the glass box hanging from the structure symbolizes the architecture, the between sand and water.

Design cool beach house in Peru