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Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Exceptional Home Designs by Architects Johnston Marklee

Exceptional Home Designs by Architects Johnston Marklee. Perched on a hillside with picture windows facing the horizon, the open-concept plan maximizes the incredible views, from Rustic and Sullivan Canyons to Santa Monica Bay. Minimalist interiors are notable for their lack of walls, resulting in an awesome open interior that promoted socialization. The main living area is overlooked by an upper loft, where a library offers privacy while maintaining a connection to the rest of the house. Johnston Marklee

This incredible house design by Los Angeles-based architecture firm Johnston Marklee makes a striking addition to its surroundings. The irregular-shaped hill house features a contemporary silhouette with a minimalist white facade punctuated by lots of windows – a wonderful contrast to its lush, leafy backdrop of Pacific Palisades, California. This 3,300-sq.-ft. slope house features modern interiors, sun-soaked through the home’s numerous windows and skylights.
photo credit: Eric Staudenmaier. Via: trendir

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Home Minimalist Modern Organic, Natural Style Architecture

Home Minimalist Modern Organic, Natural Style Architecture. Home design modern organic. Austria Caramel Architect enterprise architecture design contemporary style house. Design of a curved wall, with a contemporary exterior details in a round concrete patio and pool. Simple minimalist interior space. in view of the grass in the glass, it provides an organic appearance. This house to live a minimalist. Architect Caramel. Via: DigsDigs

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Decorating the Apartment, Minimalist Loft in Como, Italy by JM Architecture

Decorating the Apartment, Minimalist Loft in Como, Italy by JM Architecture. Decorations made ​​by creative people from JM Architecture. Redecorate the apartment in Como, Italy. They've done a sterling job. The biggest concern is to maintain the original shape and shell intact.

On top of Bringing new functionality to the flat, it's the extensive use of wood (lovely hardwood floors in there), the assembled beam steel staircase with open treads, the finished white walls and the stylish lighting That got our eyes

JM Architecture transform an old space into a modern apartment. Via: freshome

Saturday, August 13, 2011

Minimalist House Design - Garden Design

Minimalist house design, minimalist design for the home garden are as follows.

For a minimalist garden are usually located in a narrow area, not all plants and ornaments deserve put there. "One vote, which has a narrow land will look more narrow,"

To create a minimalist garden, there are several characteristics that need attention. Storey buildings generally minimalist style with geometric shapes or boxes. This form is the impression stuck firm and rigid. With the presence of the park is expected to reduce the impression of rigid.

Minimalist garden should feature natural accent with a material that is not too much, especially if the house has a large window. Moreover, according to Arwindrasti, aspects of health and comfort of residents is very important when creating a minimalist garden. You should know, minimalist narrow desperate need of oxygen supply. Well, oxygen demand can be obtained from the photosynthesis of green plants. Therefore, multiply the green plants in the minimalist garden. Oxygen can also be obtained from the element of water. Therefore, the present pool plus a waterfall or fountain, is the right step.

Where should a minimalist garden located? Very flexible. You can put it on the front, rear, corner, side, even in the house. If you love the element of water, you can put a minimalist garden-themed water park in the front of the house.

If the park was in the back of the house, make a simpler design. Avoid forms that resemble the mountain, because it will foster a narrow sense. If you want to bring lawn, you should select a small and delicate leaves like grass howl.

Another case for the minimalist garden are present in the house. Plant the right to park in the house is a family of palm-paleman. Green leafy plants with slightly yellow tinge, Dracena fragrans, is also worthy of your choice.

Actually, many types of plants that inhabit the park suitable minimalist. "Importantly, easily maintained, green, and the price is cheap,". Some of them, namely:
  • caladium linium
  • Calathea Majestic that has fresh green leaves
  • Yang Liyu, which often adorn the pool area.
For these types of flowering plants, you also have many options. Call it for example, peacock flower, Alamanda, trumpet, jasmine, and yellow. Not only beautiful, yellow flowers are tiny but fragrant scent of your garden can be both. In fact, if planted near the carport, this interest could serve as a barrier or fence. There are still other options? Of course. Plants sri fortune, even Anthurium, fitting also for your minimalist garden.

Not just ornamental plants. Fruit crops could you show the type of park this one. Instead, choose lean stature trees and vertical growth. For example, trees Ceremai, Sugar-apple, and pomegranate. Plants such as glodok towering fir poles or wax can also be an ornamental garden. via: kibagus-homedesign

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Minimalist Furniture Design Home Entertainment by Acerbis

This is the minimalist design of home entertainment furniture. Modern furniture design for the living room. minimalist furniture designs by Acerbis. first introduced the theme of integration, physical and aesthetic, audio-video devices, the collection of a New Concept again subjected to further development, fully equipped with projection screen hidden in the closet, for those who do not want to leave anything and want to watch, to the wall Similarly, the small screen for games and news, or enjoy the large screen for movies and sports. Screen, with wide-available projection of about 2 meters for the 16:9 format and features high efficiency and luminosity, suitable for most projectors on the market commons. A solution that can be defined "plug & play", for those who want to avoid or do not have the opportunity to do a "custom" installation of the projection screen to the interior design.

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