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Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Minimalist Furniture Design Home Entertainment by Acerbis

This is the minimalist design of home entertainment furniture. Modern furniture design for the living room. minimalist furniture designs by Acerbis. first introduced the theme of integration, physical and aesthetic, audio-video devices, the collection of a New Concept again subjected to further development, fully equipped with projection screen hidden in the closet, for those who do not want to leave anything and want to watch, to the wall Similarly, the small screen for games and news, or enjoy the large screen for movies and sports. Screen, with wide-available projection of about 2 meters for the 16:9 format and features high efficiency and luminosity, suitable for most projectors on the market commons. A solution that can be defined "plug & play", for those who want to avoid or do not have the opportunity to do a "custom" installation of the projection screen to the interior design.

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