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Sunday, May 30, 2010

Home Bar Design Ideas From Travis, Taylor Mill, Ky

Home Bar Design Ideas From Travis

Following exposure to Home Bar Design Ideas: "I've got some great photos cellar and wet bar finished my project to give you for your new Home Builders Gallery Bar one of all .. All the project is completed what has been centered around the basement of my Wet Bar . After I got your plan and online measured exactly where I'll go to the bar I then went on to finish the basement "Basement is built around the Bar" project time. that from February-April 2007 .. Alone bar is 1 month to begin to resolve. Chairs Bar 8 people, I took some ideas from some other photos and comments from your customers on your web site and the examples below.

Angled bar is the top remaining hardwood floors from around the bar and bathroom. Matter arm rest came from the Baird Brothers saw mill made of Popular wood. The outside bar is made of Galvanized Barn / Roofing Sheet Metal. Carter Lumber has this to share in more than 15 colors for $ 12 a sheet. Very easy to use and cost effective. I have a Full Wet Bar Sink and 5 ft behind the bar cabinet for extra storage from Home Depot. This Kitchen Cabinet, but it worked for me. I entered into the Window and Window Seat for Bartender of the Liqueur Bottle and Glasses. Formica bar top is back from Home Depot in Clearance. I also put Beverage Ledge all roads around the basement and behind the bar to display something.

I Can lighting above the bar and back and all Rope Lighting outside the bar. The best thing is Black Rubber Flooring Wall Base molding to cover the rear and side of the bar area and fridge. Very easy to cut and form around the edges. I want to thank you very much for your ideas and Plans Online. With plans of Bar-Wet Bar Blast me is to build. I can not wait for my next project with your plan. "
Home Bar Design Ideas