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Friday, May 7, 2010

Happy Haus Minimalist House Design in Australia

Happy thirsty by Donovan hill in Australia

The Happy Haus is a minimalist house development designed by architects Donovan Hill in Australia. Happy Haus Brisbane based architectural practice Donovan Hill is among the nineteen chosen design for the Service Bushfire House last week. The Bushfire House Service is a joint initiative of the Australian Institute of Architects (Victoria) and the Office of the Victorian Government Architect looking to support the process of rebuilding after the destruction of forest fires in Australia in February this year. Donovan Hill DHAN range for the Happy Haus 'house ready made solution' which is fully adaptable, transported and climatically sensitive in design. Designs can range into either 'stand alone' or combinations such as parks and outdoor spaces with all modules fully in accordance with national standards of new buildings for fire-prone zones.

Queensland based, Donovan Hill joined another practice that works as part of the architecture of free services to help rebuild homes lost in 2000 in a fire. This service offers a Bushfire house people who lost their homes to access architectural expertise will add value and improve the quality and ease of rebuilt homes in areas devastated by fire in February. Donovan Hill, co-founder, Brian Donovan says, "We are very pleased to be involved in post-fire rebuilding. We feel that the Happy Haus DHAN presents a low cost, flexible and sustainable design solutions that can feasibly work as a model for the mass reconstruction."

The Happy Haus is designed so that each module can be easily transported to new places, or transferred from an existing address as a life-changing requirements. Flexible design means that modules can be accommodated by the Happy Haus most sites. DHAN series is characterized by the completion and details of domestic architecture is developed in practice Donovan Hill. Off-white interior with wood window and door frames allow personalized interiors by owners. The wooden pelmet lighting combine the common room and the provision for art and hanging curtains. Plywood exterior according to environmental conditions in Australia and is offered with a choice of colors to suit individual settings. Distinctive roof forms and cover ventilation colored exterior form features.

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