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Thursday, May 6, 2010

Minimalist Modern House Design in Japan

Minimalist Modern House Design in Japan

Here, the ultra-modern minimalist design house in Komae, Japan, completed in 2007 by architect Makoto Yamaguchi Design. This modern house proves that simplicity is beauty, with a contemporary, clean lines and a palette, crisp white both inside and outside. From the outside, clean, boasting a cube-shaped slopes slightly, which lends an illusion of fluidity. The front was interrupted by a little but focus on the floor to ceiling windows, but beyond that, the exterior leaves everything to the imagination.

Home interior design: in the house this minimalist modern design with a pattern of milk continues to design, with a high wall finish and understated, with a mirror, forming a narrow alleys that sweeps you from one room to the next life. Makoto Yamaguchi Design
Photo credit: Ano Daici