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Saturday, June 19, 2010

5 Tips to Make at Home Park Minimalist | Garden Design

Making the park is one of our efforts to bring the beauty of our home environment. Especially for home minimalist minimalist garden. Planning a good garden design on the front, side and rear of the house, it turns out we can do for themselves. Of course the question now is how to make the park? I explain some important points in a garden.

1. Determining Theme Parks
Pick a theme park in accordance with your wishes. For example you could choose the theme of Balinese-style gardens, tropical-style gardens, garden-style minimalist, or modern style. But you also have to consider the situation and condition of land that you have.

2. How the selection of plants
Selection of vegetation is a point that must be considered. Make several lists of plants that you like. Buy land in accordance with the requirements for your plants healthy and certainly also become a very important point. I have a formula to calculate the number of plants (based on the spacing of vegetation) are as follows:

So this kind of computation: if you have two square meters of land, and have plants that have a spacing of 30 cm, the number of plants you need is 22 222 (rounded to 22)

3. Garden Layout
Affect the beauty of the plant layout in designing the park. Always note the composition of vegetation such as grass (grass), crop cover (groundcover), shrubs (shrubs and feature plants), water plants (waterplant) and tree (tree). Strata of vegetation that must be considered like this: The tree is placed as a backdrop (the rear area), Perdu and shrubs placed as midground (middle area), and the last plants or groundcovers and grass cover is placed as a foreground (front area)

4. Growing Media Processing
Processing a good planting medium mixing soil with humus and fertilizer (organic or non organic) are very influential for the survival of our plants. A good watering should also be observed mainly in the morning and afternoon. To penyirama if you have more funds, you can buy a sprinkler (automatic water sprinkler), which can gives a chance as we want.

5. Drainage
In the rainy season is an important part of this note. Without drainage the garden or we can flood the park. Why? Because, basically, to regulate the flow of drainage water is diverted to the disposal of unused sewers (termed the gutter). But there are also alternative making this by making drainage holes biopori. Survivors trying to make the park.

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