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Saturday, December 12, 2009

Tips On Property Investment | Minimalist Home Designs

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Tips On Property Investment | Minimalist Home Designs

To consider when investing in the field of office properties include:
  1. Capital Safety Assurance Everyone who invests will always expect the safety of invested capital. Good means that the value of invested capital is not reduced and even increased.
  2. The Revenue Assurance revenue stream will be obtained by investors, the size of the share of income that will be taken Decree investors. The leased property is income derived from rental income
  3. Easily Purchased and easy sale to the difficulty of an investment bought or sold in terms of cost, time and procedure. Terms such as details of the purchase agreement, notary services / PPAT, advertising and property taxes need to be considered.
  4. Can be broken down into small units typically require capital investment that small, relatively easy to sell.

Here are some characteristics that are in the field of investment property:
  1. Investment is more long-term.
  2. The cost to buy and sell is relatively high.
  3. The time it takes to buy and sell old.
  4. Proof of ownership can sometimes make an important problem.
  5. The amount of capital needed to buy land and buildings is relatively high and can not buy some of its shares.
  6. Maybe there are many problems in the management in terms of ownership.
  7. Land is open to influence legislation and policies and politics of the country, where this may have a negative impact on an interest in the land.
  8. Ownership of land is a symbol of "social status" someone.
  9. Constantly rising land values over time and is a good control of inflation.