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Saturday, December 12, 2009

Recent Minimalist House Design | Minimalist Home Designs

Recent minimalist house design | Minimalist Home Designs

As a residential designer, or commonly known as the architect, I have produced dozens and dozens of design profession since I started about 3 years ago. Ups and downs with the design of homes and many of my clients experience. There is pleasure chest to this day I still can 'useful' provides design services for those in need.

Many of my clients come to me because of my appearance design house. The houses that I designed is usually the owner or client liked me because of her appearance. But actually many other things besides that must be considered: among others penghawaan natural, natural lighting, arrangement of spaces.

A house design that can be felt when we went into the house. Is the house dingy? relief? field? green?.

There is one word that I hold in designing every building I was working on the house is comfortable.

A house without a sense of comfort is the home less in my opinion. Perhaps it was a big house, stately, but not uncomfortable, precisely because it was too big. Human activity is in the region requires a bit narrow in my opinion and do not need a lot of places. Because of the small house or a house can mean a house minimalist comfort.

indeed, the flexibility in the arrangement of land is affecting the living-space design. But I still believe, with good planning the house, good design will be created.