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Sunday, September 19, 2010

Minimalist Home Design Lake by Architekton

This is a minimalist home design lake which was designed by Architekton, two-story house is minimalist with beautiful surrounding scenery. Located in Tempe, home is in the area 30 years old Lake community. Desire as exterior page many many relatively small (approximately 65 'x 125') led to efficient stacking of two-storey footprint approx 25 'x 55'. Exceptions to the accumulation of ground face CMU dressed "container" which is a tandem four car garage in the south who slip through the envelope into the kitchen, utility room and main bathroom, and dramatically cantilevers to the north as the master bedroom.
Other container clad various materials such as bamboo and translucent glass, bedroom house, bathroom, and utility functions. Programmed container is juxtaposed with flexible space that can be adapted from time to time or for special events. Unifying the composition is wrapping envelope that emerge from the ground and ended up as an indirect light fixtures illuminate a large room and enter. wrapper is opaque to the west and east and provides a deep roof overhangs to the south. The form is three feet thick, which allows for the structure, storage and utilities. When the weather is inspiring, living north of the house's main room and sliding glass walls open to the south of the true human indoor / outdoor (and beagle) comfort and enjoyment of the inherent evaporative cooling from a nearby lake and swimming pool.

Architekton Team: ouglas D Brown, Peter Goldammer, Mohenad Itayim, John Kane, Gregory Lambright, Michael Masengarb, Sophia Meger, Nick Nevels, Eliseo Ramirez, Gonzalo Fernandez-Reuter and Travis Sheridan.