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Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Sell House New Minimalist Yet In Occupancy

Sell House New Minimalist Yet In Occupancy or Minimalist Homes Sold

Full details of the new minimalist house:
Property Type House
Address Grand Depok City Cluster Jasmine Block E1/19
Kota Depok
Contact (Telephone / Mobile) Dian Awida Khohar - 08,179,142,098
Price $ 95,000
Building area / 45/112 m2 land area
Number of floor or level 1
2 bedroom
1 bathroom
Additional Description home loan over 95jt (nego) BTN mortgage repayments have 2.1juta/bulan road 20 months for 15 Years. The house was so ready for habitation. Strategic location in the Grand Depok City Cluster Blok E1/19 deket Jasmine Water Park, just 5 minutes from the Old Depok station. LT / LB 112/45, 2 KT, 1 KM existing kitchen